Nestled in a valley along the edge of Pisgah National Forest, lies the town of Brevard, NC.  It is here, amongst fields of wildflowers, endless forests, and pristine mountain streams that we manage 100 colonies of honeybees spread out over several locations. This area, one of the most biodiverse places on the planet, is surrounded by temperate rainforests and lush river bottoms home to an abundance of flowering trees and plants.

Foraging on an assortment of nectar and pollen, our honeybees work tirelessly from sunup to sundown, capturing the unique taste and essence that this area is known for. We aim to work with their seasonal rhythms, natural behaviors, and fascinating lifecycle to share with you a variety of products straight from the hive.

Our Honey

We specialize is producing seasonal varieties of pure, natural raw honey. We typically harvest honey at two different times during the year: once in the June when we harvest our Wildflower honey, and then again during early August when we harvest our Sourwood honey.

Our wildflower honey is a mix of nectar from many flowering plants and trees such as Tulip Poplar, Black Locust, Clover, Blackberry, Basswood, and Black Locust among others. Our Wildflower honey has a delicious and complex flavor profile. Because we never process under high heat or micro-filter our honey, our Wildflower honey retains the beneficial enzymes and trace pollens from hundreds of different floral sources making it a great product to help those who suffer from plant based allergies. 

Our Sourwood honey is much more of a single-source honey and is primarily comprised of nectar gathered from the Sourwood tree, one of the only species blooming in this area during late summer. Sourwood honey is world-famous and highly sought after for its delicate  buttery flavor which is accented with notes of anise, caramel, and gingerbread. We are very fortunate to live and raise bees in the only region of the world where Sourwood honey is produced. Due to a relatively short bloom period and finicky local weather, a good Sourwood honey harvest may only happen once every few years resulting in high demand for this premium honey. 

We currently sell our honey at the Transylvania Farmers Market every Saturday from 10-12. We hope you’ll come see us! Our honey is also available for purchase during open hours at Mud Dabbers Pottery of Brevard, New Leaf Garden Market, and at Cup & Saucer. 

In order to reduce the negative impacts of plastics in our environment, we choose to package our honey in reusable, infinitely recyclable glass containers.

NOW SHIPPING! While we work on setting up our online store, to place an order please call Devin at 828-553-5021 or email and we will confirm payment and shipping details. Shipping on most orders will be $15.

Wildflower Honey  Sourwood Honey
3 oz……….$5.00 3 oz……….$6.00
12 oz……..$11.00 12 oz……..$13.00
20 oz……..$17.00 20 oz……..$20.00
48 oz…….$32.00 48 oz……..$36.00
Bulk (40lbs+)…….$7.50/lb Bulk (40lbs+)……..$10.00/lb
Honey bees

2021 5-Frame nucs: Sold Out

Local Queens (Open mated in Brevard from our Survivor Stock): Limited quantity beginning in late summer. Check back or inquire for availability.

Our honeybees continue to fascinate us every day. Each spring, we evaluate our strongest colonies based on factors such as their honey production, gentleness, and most importantly their ability to overwinter in our climate and cope with various hive pests and diseases. We encourage these traits by raising new queens from the larva of a select few, starting new colonies, and ultimately creating a more locally adapted population of honeybees. Over the years, we have purposefully introduced a variety of different genetics into our operation with Russian, Carniolan, and Italian VSH being the dominant races.

Likely caused by an influx of new beekeepers who poorly manage their colonies(we were once in the same boat!), we have found that Varroa mites continue to be an abundant and devastating hive pest in our area. Due to new honeybees and mites constantly being brought into our area from outside sources, many colonies will crash and die without intervention. Throughout the season, we monitor overall hive health as well as our levels of Varroa mites. When needed, we use only natural treatments in our hives, resulting in some of the purest honey and hive products you can buy.


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Candle-Grade Beeswax:Throughout the beekeeping season, we cull our oldest, darkest combs as well as those with excessive amounts of drone brood. The wax from these combs, along with any burr comb we have scraped from our hives, makes a perfect product for beeswax candles.

Cosmetic-Grade Beeswax: This light-colored beeswax is produced from the cappings of honeycombs, removed during our honey extracting process. This wax has only been in the hive for several weeks, is very clean, and therefore makes a perfect product to use in natural cosmetics.

Bee Pollen

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Many doctors recommend eating local, raw honey, and small amounts of local pollen in order to help with certain allergies. Bee pollen is also considered a “superfood” by nutritionists, and is great with smoothies or simply eaten alone. We use specially designed pollen traps to collect fresh pollen from our honeybees as they bring it back to the hive. This fresh bee pollen is packaged and then frozen until being sold.


Honey bees are responsible for pollinating the majority of the food we eat and play a vital role in our ecosystem. Every effort should be made to save the bees. Please do not spray or otherwise harm them!

Whether you spot a swarm of honey bees clustered in a tree in your backyard, or a colony has taken up residence in a wall of your home or outbuilding, we can safely relocate them to a hive and location where they can thrive.


Swarm Rescue

Amazing to witness, the swarming behavior of honey bees is part of their natural reproductive cycle. Here in western NC, honey bees will often swarm in the spring and summer months. A swarm that is left alone will cause no harm as they are typically very docile at this time.

While clustered together, scout bees will search out a new suitable hive location. After a few hours and sometimes after several days, the swarm will leave their resting place to take up residence in their newly chosen hive location. This can be an old abandoned bee hive, a hollow tree, or inside a wall in a nearby home!

As experienced beekeepers, we are able to safely relocate the honey bee swarm into a new hive where they can thrive and not be a nuisance to anyone.

We offer FREE honey bee swarm removal. Please take a couple pictures of the swarm, note it’s height off the ground, and give us a call at 828-553-5021.

Live Honey Bee Removal

Safely removing a colony of honey bees that is living in the wall of a structure oftentimes requires the removal of exterior siding, or the cutting of interior walls, floors, and/or ceilings. We utilize a specialized bee-vacum and other equipment that is designed to be less stressful on the bees in order to safely and efficiently relocate the colony. Every honey bee removal is different and prices for our honey bee removal service will vary. Please give us a call at 828-553-5021 to arrange a FREE estimate.