Honey bees are responsible for pollinating the majority of the food we eat and play a vital role in our ecosystem. Every effort should be made to save the bees. Please do not spray or otherwise harm them!

Whether you spot a swarm of honey bees clustered in a tree in your backyard, or a colony has taken up residence in a wall of your home or outbuilding, we can safely relocate them to a hive and location where they can thrive.


Swarm Rescue
Amazing to witness, the swarming behavior of honey bees is part of their natural reproductive cycle. Here in western NC, honey bees will often swarm in the spring and summer months. A swarm that is left alone will cause no harm as they are typically very docile at this time.

While clustered together, scout bees will search out a new suitable hive location. After a few hours and sometimes after several days, the swarm will leave their resting place to take up residence in their newly chosen hive location. This can be an old abandoned bee hive, a hollow tree, or inside a wall in a nearby home!

As experienced beekeepers, we are able to safely relocate the honey bee swarm into a new hive where they can thrive and not be a nuisance to anyone.

We offer FREE honey bee swarm removal. Please take a couple pictures of the swarm, note it’s height off the ground, and give us a call at 828-553-5021.

Live Honey Bee Removal
Safely removing a colony of honey bees that is living in the wall of a structure oftentimes requires the removal of exterior siding, or the cutting of interior walls, floors, and/or ceilings. We utilize a specialized bee-vacum and other equipment that is designed to be less stressful on the bees in order to safely and efficiently relocate the colony. Every honey bee removal is different and prices for our honey bee removal service will vary. Please give us a call at 828-553-5021 to arrange a FREE estimate.
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